NetherRealm Studios Covers Mortal Kombat X

In today’s Kombat Kast—the final before Mortal Kombat X hits shelves—the folks at NetherRealm Studios spoke briefly about new online offerings, showed off some character variations, and rounded things out with a couple of sets of casual matches.
One unique feature coming in Mortal Kombat X is the Tower Challenge. NetherRealm geared this online mode toward the casual player, as it doesn’t focus on traditional gameplay, but it does still allow players to compete with one another. Individuals will generate a tower, complete it as best they can with the goal of gaining a high score and then challenge their friends to try and beat that score.
Perhaps the most exciting news for online comes in the form of some quality of life changes to the standard King of the Hill lobby. Players can now set themselves as away from keyboard and just watch the matches play out, take a break, or run a stream without disrupting the flow of matches every time the account in charge of the stream makes its way to the top of the match queue.
Additionally, players waiting for their turn in these lobbies will be able to enter training mode to brush up on combos and setups while they wait to play; of course, watching those you’re about to fight is still possible and just as valuable if you’re intent on winning.
The guys also mentioned that once the game comes out, players may sometimes run into developers while playing online. In the event that you defeat a member of the NRS team, you’ll be awarded a special icon to go on your player card to show just how swell you are at the game.
Now for the important part: new character breakdowns.


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